17 de April de 2019

Government to invest R $ 150 million to recover CE roads

Works will contemplate 1,754 km of highways, with the beginning of the interventions scheduled for after the end of the rainy season. Governor Camilo Santana announced […]
17 de April de 2019

Ministry will recompose R $ 2 billion to complete works and maintenance of highways

Value was rebuilt from the R $ 4.3 billion contingent on the infrastructure budget in March. The Ministry of Infrastructure announced on Tuesday (16) that R […]
16 de April de 2019

Solutions to improve the quality of streets and highways in Brazil will be presented at Paving Expo 2019

In August, leading companies in the industry will have the opportunity to showcase their technology to a highly qualified audience Road infrastructure is a priority theme […]
16 de April de 2019

The minister points the way

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas has unlocked 23 infrastructure auctions in 100 days. Its “hand in hand” way excites entrepreneurs and injects spirit in the economy After […]
12 de April de 2019

Doria says he will negotiate highway contracts that expire until 2022

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria, reaffirmed on Monday that he will renew all highway concession contracts that will expire until 2022, but that there […]
11 de April de 2019

Increasing the country’s competitiveness in the international scenario is the goal of the Ministry for the next 4 years

To be leader in terms of infrastructure in Latin America. This is one of the objectives of the Infrastructure Minister, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, for the […]
11 de April de 2019

MS has the investment of R $ 200 million per year in maintenance of highways, bridges and drainage

State has 8,486 kilometers of paved roads, of which 4,500 are state kilometers, and a fleet of more than 1.56 million vehicles. In addition to paving […]
10 de April de 2019

Study for concession of Rio-Santos Highway should leave

Conceived by the state for more than a decade, the Rio-Santos Highway concession (SP-55, to Dr. Manuel Hipólito Rego and BR-101) can advance in the next […]
10 de April de 2019

Minister inaugurates doubling of BR-050 / GO and announces redeployment of state highway resources

In Catalão / GO, minister affirms that work is fundamental for the development of the region and announces the release of R $ 235 million for […]
25 de March de 2019

Minister of infrastructure receives deputies and mayors of the state of Goiás

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas heard the demands of the state representatives and assured that there is a willingness of the ministry to make possible solutions Meeting […]